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Norell grew up in Fleming and learned many styles of art under the tutelage of longtime local art teacher Kathy Wernsman.

One style she didn’t learn: oils. That she taught herself.

Norell is a landscape painter inspired by infamous artist Bob Ross. “Bob Ross was my Saturday morning cartoon growing up,” she said.

She’s dabbled in other art forms as well. She painted a mural for Willow’s Farmhouse Grill in Merino, and created a design for T-shirts the Sterling Music program planned to wear on last year’s trip to Disneyland that was ultimately canceled due to the pandemic. She tried pottery during the years she taught art at Lone Star School.

But painting, particularly landscapes, is where she feels most comfortable. Even when she’s adopting new or unusual techniques due to carpal tunnel – if one hand gets tired, she switches to the other hand.

In addition to her art, Norell also works as a substitute teacher for RE-1 Valley Schools and enjoys gardening. But art has always been a part of her life, she said. “If I’m not creating, I’m watching.”

Her favorite subbing assignments are working with students on craft projects, where she can watch the youngsters create.

Norell said working with the artists’ cooperative is a new adventure for her, as she’s never sold her art before. She appreciates having the venue to share her work with the public, and hopefully inspiring her to do more of it.

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