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A few years ago, personal struggles caused me to explore methods of shifting my perspective.  I discovered creativity was a great outlet for dealing with everything I was feeling inside.  I also found that by being open to what my creativity wanted to say, I was actually listening to my inner voice and expressing what it needed.  And most often what it needed was for me to simply become present.  While I am exploring that experience within myself, I am beginning to share it with others and show them that they too can find and hold their own light.  I became a certified Red Thread Circle guide last summer and am sharing those discoveries as a Red Thread Circle leader, where we use creativity to promote connection to the self and to others.

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Learn about Deb's Paint Nights here:

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Deb Montgomery: Meet the Artists

I am a simple small town girl with a metropolitan view of the world, born and raised in Merino! I had
one art class in high school that taught me a few simple basics,
since then I’ve just chosen to pretty much break all the rules and do what calls to me as far as art.

I began as a realistic artist, doing portraits in pastels and landscapes in watercolor. That has since evolved into using acrylics and mixed media as my chosen form of expression, a feeling to share, a story to tell.

Deb Montgomery: Quote

I believe everyone's creativity is a window to their soul and think the Creatives is a great way to expose our community to those ideals!

Deb Montgomery: Quote
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