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Sallie is our newest member at the cooperative.   She has a fabulous talent creating quilt wall hangings from fabric with rich and colorful details!

Sallie also creates some beautiful fabric bags.

"Quilts have been a comfort to me for as long as I can
remember. As a child, I entertained myself under the
quilt frame fort as my mother constructed a
masterpiece just as she had played under her
mother’s project in her childhood. When I was old
enough to thread a needle I quilted alongside my
mother. After I married my father constructed a quilt
frame with a storage box for me. Hand quilting is my
preferred means of finishing a quilt although the much
quicker method of tying or machine quilting slips in
occasionally. Having completed over 100 quilts it was
time to explore other uses for the abundant scraps of
leftover fabric.
Thanks to social media my interest was piqued by
artists with fabric for their medium. I have enjoyed
Bisa Butler, Susan Carlson, and Emily Taylor. Fabric
artists generously share their methods, tips, and
shortcuts. Before I knew it I had created my first
piece, Sassy (which is on display at Sterling Creatives Art Gallery),

based on a photo of my granddaughter. My photographs consisting of an abundant supply became my lifeblood. Once
my cousins saw my projects they also sent me photos.
My process involves morphing a photo into a pattern, deciding on the ideal fabric, ironing a fusible product to the back of the fabric, cutting, arranging, ironing again, and stitching. The method implemented is raw edge applique. Between my 40-year-old Kenmore sewing machine
and oversized wool-covered ironing board my studio is seldom still.
Retirement grants this hobby my full attention. After discovering the talented display of work at Sterling Creatives Art Gallery, I was eager to participate. The co-op members welcomed me with open arms. I currently stand as the newest member.
As the featured artist for May 2022 my 'Mothers collection' will be displayed. You can also enjoy many additional pieces."

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